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"I wear many hats but the most important one is being a mom and wife."


I'm a freelance designer and small business owner from the San Francisco Bay Area where I work from the convenience of my home. But thanks to technology, my services are available world-wide. My work is inspired by authenticity, curiosity, and play.

Before running my own business full-time I had the opportunity to work for non-profits, magazines, tech start-ups, and corporate companies. It was exciting being surrounded by smart and passionate people from different walks of life. But it wasn't until having kids that I realized I wanted to have my own business where I could still do amazing work and also be closer to home. So in 2017 after lots of discernment (and walking in circles) I took the plunge and opened up shop. I'm excited to see where this road will lead.

I wear many hats but the most important one is being a mom and wife. My true inspiration and joy come from serving and loving my family. Off hours you can catch me working on DIY projects for my home, attempting to fit exercise into my day, and nerding out to children's books.


Do you take every project requested?

I take pride in everything that I do. So in order to continue doing work I am excited about, I carefully select those I see fit.

How many projects do you work on each month?

I usually take on 2-3 projects per month to ensure a high level of craftsmanship and attention to whoever I am working with. 

Do you only design what is listed in your services?

Nope! My listed services are meant to give you an idea of what I've done in the past and/or currently focused on. But I'm totally open to different projects.

How LONG does it take to design a brand?

Depending on turn around time, project scope, and my availability it can take anywhere from 2 months to even longer.

What's your process?

It changes depending on what I'm working on. For example, branding projects typically start with a project request that leads into a conversation. After we agree on working together, I send over a creative brief and proposal to set expectations on both ends. After the nitty gritty paper work, I go through a series of check-ins (usually 3-4) where I present sketches, inspiration, different designs & provide opportunity for feedback. During the final check-in, all deliverables are handed over as agreed.

Do you require a deposit before starting a project?

Yes, I request a 20% deposit before starting. This is to ensure we are both committed to the project together.

We're friends, can you hook me up for free?

Sorry, but I value my business and hope you also see it as an investment. Plus, I gotta feed my kids right?